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Top 10 Reasons why Oracle APEX is Ideal for Oracle Forms Developers!

Here are the top 10 reasons why Oracle APEX is an ideal development platform for Oracle Forms developers!

  1. Declarative development framework

  2. Productivity

  3. Database-centric development

  4. Business Logic

  5. No client software

  6. Leverage your skills

  7. APEX is "cloud-ready"

  8. Oracle Database

  9. Productivity with choice!

  10. The Community

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Being an Oracle forms developer previously, I can see a better growth and opportunities in switching to Oracle APEX with very minimal efforts. Oracle APEX is the closest development platform to Oracle Forms. You can see many similarities in both and hence transition from Oracle forms developers to Oracle APEX developer is very easy.

If you are planning to get into the world of Oracle APEX, then I am here to help you !!!

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