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Oracle APEX Training Content

Version 22.1

Training Duration : 24 hrs

1. Introduction to Oracle Application Express

  • Basic Oracle APEX Concepts

  • Oracle APEX Main Components

  • Introduction to Workspace and Creating a Workspace, schema, user

  • APEX Architecture details

  • Logging into APEX workspace

  • Running an Application

2. Maintaining Database Objects Using SQL Workshop

  • Browse, create and modify database objects using Object browser

  • Execute SQL scripts using SQL Command and SQL Scripts

  • Build and save SQL queries using Query Builder

  • Import and export data using Utilities

  • Usage of developer toolbar for APEX developers

3. Building Database Applications

  • Identify the components of a database application.

  • Creating a database application from scratch.

  • Exporting/ importing database applications from different environments.

4. Creating Different Types of Reports

  • Identify the types of reports in application express

  • Create, manipulate and customize interactive reports

  • Create and modify classic and wizard reports

  • New version report layouts

5. Creating Different Types of Forms

  • Identify the types of data entry forms in application express

  • Create and modify various types of forms

  • Understanding various properties of forms.

  • Creating master-details forms

6. Working with Pages and Regions

  • View and edit page definitions and attributes

  • Create and modify a region and sub region

  • View and edit page definitions and attributes

  • Understanding importance of Page Zero and creating it

7. Working with Different Items and Buttons

  • Identify different types of items

  • Creating items and edit item attributes

  • Creating and usage of List of Values

  • Creating buttons and edit button attributes

8. Understanding Page Processing and Rendering

  • Understanding the difference between page rendering and page processing

  • Creating computations in application pages

  • Creating page processes and branches

  • Creating validations to verify user input

9. Shared Components

  • Understanding the use of shared components in an application

  • Creating and editing tabs, navigation bar entries, lists and breadcrumbs

  • Understanding what themes and templates are

  • Creating and editing a template

  • Sending Email from an Application

10. Displaying Dynamic Content

  • Understaning the concept of Dynamic action

  • Creating and using a dynamic action

  • Importing and using a plugin

  • Modifying a plugin code

  • Creating and modify a chart

  • Creating a calendar

  • Creating a tree

11. Administering Application Express Workspaces

  • Creating a developer and a workspace administrator user

  • Requesting a schema or a storage

  • Monitoring the developer activity log

12. Implement Security in Application

  • List the different ways to secure apex application

  • Differentiate between authentication and authorization

  • Creating an authentication scheme for the application

  • Creating an authorization scheme using Access Control

  • Enabling and configuring Session State Protection

13. Deploying Apex Application

  • Identify the supporting objects for apex application

  • Exporting an application and its supporting objects

  • Importing an application

  • Install the supporting objects

14. Using CSS and JavaScript

  • Usage of JavaScript in Apex

  • Different examples of 

  • Usage of CSS in apex page

15. Building REST Web Services

  • Understaning ORDS (Oracle RESTful Data Services)

  • Introduction of REST web services

  • How to create and use the web services

  • Different types of REST clients  

Bonus Lecture

  • Introduction to Autonomous Database

  • Running Oracle Apex from Autonomous Database

  • New features of Oracle Apex 22.2

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