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Oracle APEX 20.2 : New Features

Summary of few Oracle 20.2 new features.

New Card Region

The new Cards Region is a lightweight report region, declaratively supporting customizations of layout, appearance, icon, badge, media and actions. Use cards to embed and share media sourced from BLOB column, URL or video in iFrame.

As Cards usually provide entry to more detailed information, you can include a number of actions as button or links declaratively.

Faceted Search Enhancements

Faceted Search adds new Facet type called 'Input Field'. Developers can specify a predefined comparison operator like Greater Than, which is used to filter the user entered value.

  • Bar or pie charts of facet value counts. Quickly display a chart of facet value counts in a dialog or ‘dashboard’ area.

  • Groups of checkbox facets for Boolean columns. Checking the facet will find records that match the ‘yes’ or ‘true’ value of the column.

  • Input Field facet type supports comparing a user-entered value with the facet column. This enables faceted searches such as finding stores within a user entered number of miles or records where a column contains the user entered text.

  • Performance optimization for distinct value facets.

Report Printing

New APEX_REGION.EXPORT_DATA and APEX_DATA_EXPORT APIs to programmatically generate PDF, CSV, Excel, HTML, JSON and XML files.

REST Data Source Synchronization

APEX supports data synchronization from a REST Data Source (formerly known as Web Source Modules) to a local table. Synchronization can run either on Schedule or on Demand, by calling the APEX_REST_SOURCE_SYNC package. Developers don’t need to build custom PL/SQL code in order to copy data from REST services to local tables.

REST Data Source Connector Plug-Ins

The APEX Plug-In infrastructure has been extended to support Connector Plug-Ins for external REST APIs. This enables APEX to fully leverage REST API features like result pagination or server-side filtering, also for 3rd Party REST Services which are not ORDS or Oracle Fusion SaaS Services.

Developer Experience

Region Attributes

Page Designer has been enhanced to support multiple tabs in the Property Editor pane, making it more efficient to access the attributes of a region.

New Code Editor

A new code editor has been implemented throughout the development environment, resulting in a greatly improved code editing experience. The improved editor includes enhanced code completion, syntax highlighting and vastly improved accessibility.

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