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Oracle Apex Collection

What is a Collection?

Collection enables you to temporarily capture one or more non-scalar values. You can use collections to store rows and columns currently in session state so they can be accessed, manipulated, or processed during a user's specific session.

You can think of a collection as a bucket in which you temporarily store rows of information.

Benefits of Collections

  1. Data Persistence across page views

  2. Maintained at session level so they are secure

  3. No extra DDL objects needed in schema

  4. Maintained by the Apex Engine

  5. Maintained in APEX_XXXXXX schema in tables

  6. Referenced using the APEX_COLLECTIONS view

Creating an APEX Collection


if not apex_collection.collection_exists('DATA_COLLECTION')



End if;


Add member in Collection


p_collection_name => 'DATA_COLLECTION',

p_c001 => '2',

p_c002 => 'Plug-Ins gerecht verwenden',

p_c003 => 'Wann macht ein Plugin Sinn...',

p_c004 => '2015',

p_c005 => ''


Select Data from Collection

select c001, c002, c003, c004, c005

from apex_collections

where collection_name = 'DATA_COLLECTION'

Collection APIs

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