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Introduction to AJAX

What is AJAX ?

Ajax was developed by Microsoft outlook web applications in 1999 but the complete usage of Ajax came into the picture after 6 years.

The name Ajax was named by Jesse James Garrett in February 2005. Before the naming of Ajax, it is called an XML HttpRequest scripting object which runs as MSXML library.

The acronym of Ajax is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It can be defined as a path in which the user uses JavaScript to communicate with a web server to get a query generated response and to provide it on the web server without the user leaving the current page.

Why is AJAX used?

Ajax is used in Oracle Apex because of following benefits:

1. Without reloading the page user request can be updated

2. After the page is loaded it generates data from the server.

3. Receive data from server-after the page has loaded.

4. In the background sends data to the server.

Where to use it ?

Login forms

Eg: user can type their login credentials in the original page form their software will send a request to the server to logged in and the page will be updated as needed.


When you run a query in Google search bar with the help of auto fill settings suggestions will be shown in drop down below

Rating and Voting

The main content of the site can be decided by the voting in web pages like Digg and Reddit by bookmarking them.

Updating with user content

When a user posts a tweet, it will be added to their feed and everything is updated. Now Ajax is used by tweeter to run their trending topics page

Form submission and validation

It makes web application quicker and the numbers of responses are also reduced.

Light-boxes are used nowadays instead of pop-ups

Using Ajax with flash application

Advantages and Disadvantages


1. Reduces the server traffic and increases the speed

2. Ajax is responsive and time taken is also less

3. Form validation

4. Bandwidth usage can be reduced

5. Asynchronous calls can be made this reduces the time for data arrival.


1. Open source

2. Active x request is created only in internet explorer and newly created web browser

3. For security reason, you can only access information from the web host that serve pages. Fetching information from other server is not possible with Ajax.

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