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Change an item Label dynamically

Sometimes we need to change the label of an item dynamically based upon the value of some other item. Recently I came across this scenario and there I used a Dynamic Action running some JavaScript.

Today I am going to share the JS code and steps to implement the same.

I have two items P234_NATIONALITY and P234_OMANG_ID. I am changing the label text for P234_OMANG_ID item depending on the value chosen for item P234_NATIONALITY, which is a select list in my case.

The method uses jquery to search for a "label" tag with the attribute "for" that associates it with the desired item; we then naviagte down to "span" element and call the "text" function to change the label text.

The Dynamic action steps:

Event : Change

Selection Type : Item(s)

Item(s) : P234_NATIONALITY

Condition : (no condition)

True Action : Execute JavaScript Code

Fire on Page Load : Yes

Select Type : (blank)

Code : (the javascript shown below)

if ($v("P234_NATIONALITY")=='BW') { $("label[for=P234_OMANG_ID]").text("Omang ID") } else { $("label[for=P234_OMANG_ID]").text("Passport Number") }

This is a very simple code.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts or any other ways for it.

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