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Application Language Translation : In easy steps

Language translation is one of the native feature of Oracle APEX. This is not a very frequently used feature and is only used when client needs the application other than English language.

Today I am going to talk about some simple steps to translate your application.

Step 1: Create an application or if application already exists, go to "Shared Components --> Globalization Attributes"

Step 2: Set the property "Application Language Derived From" to "Session" and click on "Apply Changes" button to save the changes.

Steps 3: Defined the application language mapping. Go to path "Shared Components --> Translate Application --> Define application languages"

Provide a unique translation application id, language name and document direction.

Here I have defined 2 application languages:

Step 4: After we need to seed the translatable text. Select the application you want to seed and click on "Seed" button.

Step 5: After this, we can translate the application text directly in APEX through Translation Repository or download the XLIFF file and translate it using a third party software and then upload the translated XLIFF in the application.

Step 6: In this example, I am using an inbuilt "Translation Repository" feature of APEX

Edit the text and provide the translated text. Click on "Apply Changes" button to save.

Step 7: Go to login page (Page 9999) and delete the Language Selector region which is created by default.

Create a new select list item (P9999_LANGUAGE) and provide the list of values.

Display Value : English, Return Value : en

Display Value : Hindi, Return Value : hi

Display Value : Arabic, Return Value : ar

Step 8: In the login process of Page 9999, append the following code to set the session language parameter value:


Step 9: Last step is to publish your application. Go to path "Shared Components --> Translate Application --> Publish Translated Applications"

Select the application you want to publish and click on "Publish" button.

That's it !! Done !!

Now we see the language selector in the login screen.

Running the application with Hindi language

Running the application with Arabic language

Note : Whenever there is an update in application page we need to seed and publish the application again.

Thanks for reading !!

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